Rules & Regulations
Effective January 1st 2014

The following resort Rules and Regulations have been designed for your comfort and safety. Observing these rules will assist greatly toward making your stay and that of your fellow campers more enjoyable.

In Case of Emergency Call 911. Then contact Front Gate or Store for further assistance.

1) Quiet Hours are strictly enforced. 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Radios and other sound producing equipment may be operated from 8 AM to 10 PM providing they are kept at low volume so as not to be heard in nearby camps or picnic sites. Car radios may not be operated in the park if they can be heard outside the car. Persons violating this noise regulation are subject to eviction. Decision of management concerning acceptable noise levels is final.

2) There are NO LIFEGUARDS on duty. Swimming is only allowed in designated swim area. No swimming is permitted around the boat launching dock and marina dock areas. Parents should supervise children at all times. All swimmers at Long Ravine Resort recreation area and Rollins Lake do so at their own risk. No dogs or glass containers are permitted on beach.

3) Behavior offensive to the public, including but not limited to drunkenness, use of narcotics, indulging in boisterous, loud, abusive, threatening or indecent conduct or speech is prohibited. Consumption of any alcoholic beverage by persons under 21 years of age is illegal and constitutes grounds for eviction. No Refunds will be given.

4) Day Use visitors are NOT permitted in designated camping areas. Use picnic area, beach, trails, boating area, and Outrigger area.

5) Five fish limit per person. State law prohibits the use of live minnows in this lake.

6) Do NOT remove picnic tables, fire rings or BBQ’s from campsites, picnic areas or beach and Outrigger area.

7) No fireworks or firearms are permitted at anytime. This includes BB guns, pellet guns, slingshots, paint ball guns, and bows and arrows.

8) Positively NO open ground fires are permitted anywhere in the recreation area. Fires are permitted in established barbeque pits and fire rings ONLY. Do not leave fire unattended, build additional fire rings or hang lanterns in trees. Any person who allows a campfire to escape from the container is liable for any damages of property caused by the fire. They may also be liable for fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services costs incurred in fighting the fire. All costs shall be incurred by the person or persons that caused the fire. Camping, Day Use or any entry or access fee to Long Ravine Resort does not in any way transfer this liability.

9) Please keep a clean campsite. Dispose of all trash, etc. in designated containers. Dispose of sewage and drain waste in designated dump station. Sewage waste containing chemicals with formaldehyde may not be disposed anywhere in Long Ravine Resort. Only biodegradable chemicals free of formaldehyde may be used.

10) Management reserves the right to refuse service and revoke all privileges pertaining to entry, for misconduct or any violation of the rules that are listed on this brochure and/or posted within the campground and/or resort. Refunds will not be given to customers that are asked to leave the property for not following our regulations.

11) All Watercraft Operators must comply with all state and local boating regulations/laws. Boating/watercraft are permitted at your own risk. Watercraft owner or operators are responsible for damages or injury to watercraft, persons, vehicles or, structures. Use of the launching ramp, docks and watercraft are at your own risk. No camping on boats.

12) No diving is permitted from trees, docks, rocks or cliff areas. No rope swings or any object tied to trees is permitted.

13) No fishing on or around docks or beach area.

14) Pets must be kept on leash and attended to at all times. Vicious or noisy dogs creating a nuisance are subject to eviction. Because of sanitary and environmental health considerations pets are NOT allowed on beach. Refunds will not be given to customers that are asked to leave the property for not following our regulations. No horses allowed.

15) It is illegal to destroy, damage, deface any buildings, signs, fences, equipment, etc. Violators will be prosecuted.

16) Traffic signs governing speed and parking must be obeyed at all times. Speed limit is 5 mph.

17) Vehicles must stay on designated roads. Vehicles must be licensed. No off road or 4-wheelers are permitted in park.

18) All Visitors to Long Ravine Resort and Rollins Lake use the lake and adjoining recreation facilities at their own risk and liability. In granting permission to enter and use the area and facilities, the owners/management is not responsible for injury, theft, loss or damage, and by entering the park; all visitors agree to hold the owners/management harmless from any claim, demand or liability.

19) Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

20) Persons reported or caught cutting or damaging trees, shrubs, downed wood, site posts, or park facilities will be cited.

21) All guests must comply with all federal, state and local laws.

Thank You for your cooperation and for visiting our resort. We sincerely hope your stay was a pleasant one. Please come and see us again!